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It's not the problems you face but how you deal with
them that determines the quality of life.

Therapy Can Help.

Depression, anxiety and relationship pain can be overcome. Working with a psychologist or therapist is sometimes the only way to overcome anxiety, depression and relationship problems.

Catherine Lally
Catherine LallyCounselling Psychologist / Therapist

Individual Therapy

Feeling low, worried or alone?

If you are struggling with feelings of anxiety, sadness and depression, or relationship problems, therapy can help.

You can feel stronger, more confident and more at peace with yourself. You can have healthier, more satisfying and rewarding relationships. Individual therapy can help make your life better than it ever has been before.

Find out more about how individual therapy can help you create the life you want.

Couples Therapy

Feeling stuck in your Relationship?

If your relationship is in trouble and you’re worried about how to get it back on track, couples counselling can help.

You can solve your problems, communicate better, develop a deeper and more fulfilling relationship. You can also get help with sexual issues. People from all walks of life have found couples counselling to be the answer to improving their relationships.

Find out more about how couples therapy or therapy for sexual problems can help you create the relationship you want.

Professional Melbourne CBD Based Psychologist

Undertaking therapy of any sort is a journey, one which requires the right tools and expertise to ensure you achieve what it is you want. At M-Pact Psychology, we provide you with the support and assistance in the form of various therapy models and professional experience that will enable you to reach your desired destination.

Everyone is met with stressful situations and emotional challenges at some point in their lives. In these situations, it’s natural to feel anxious or low from time to time, but if you find yourself struggling with these emotions over an extended period of time, to the point where they are detracting from your enjoyment in life or affecting the way you live, then therapy can help. Often, when you’re living in the midst of depression, anxiety, or emotional trauma, these feelings can seem insurmountable. However, during therapy sessions with counselling psychologist Catherine Lally, you’ll become equipped with the tools to recognise the root causes influencing your current state of mind and to ultimately manage your mental wellbeing.

Established Counselling Techniques to Help You Overcome Life’s Challenges

As a fully qualified psychologist with several decades of experience, Catherine Lally has developed a dynamic therapy approach to guide and support both couples and individuals through a range of emotional challenges. Our Melbourne CBD clinic specialises in providing counselling for a range of problems including depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties, and sexual issues.

At present it may feel like there is no way out of your current mental state, but making the choice to start therapy is the first, most important step in overcoming your difficulties and learning to manage those feelings which currently feel overwhelming. So contact our Melbourne clinic today, and make the changes you need to regain your sense of wellbeing.

Rebates available

You can recover part of the cost of counselling through Medicare rebates and private health insurance. I can can explain how to obtain a referral in the form of a Mental Health Care Plan, from your GP or psychiatrist.

I am also a registered provider for all major private health funds, and approved counsellor by the TAC, Victims of Crime and Work Safe.

Concession rates apply for HealthCare card holders.