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About Catherine

Counsellor for Anxiety, Depression & Trauma Relationship & Couples Counsellor

Catherine Lally
Catherine LallyCounselling Psychologist / Therapist

It is a privilege to be a psychologist and support people during important and challenging times in their lives. I find the richness of the connection that I share with clients extremely rewarding. It’s a pleasure seeing people grow and develop. 

As a young adult, I didn’t plan to become a psychologist.  During high school I thought about becoming a social worker, but initially studied languages and literature after migrating in my early twenties from Switzerland to Australia. My tertiary studies continued after winning a scholarship to complete postgraduate studies in Germany, also in languages and literature.  

My background in languages and literature helped me a great deal in understanding people – how they relate, how they communicate, and why they do what they do. It provided me with a strong foundation, which lead to the natural progression of becoming a psychologist.

Becoming a Psychologist / Counsellor

I decided to become a psychologist after a series of personal difficulties and losses.  I realised that helping others overcome their problems was something I wanted to do, so I eventually studied to become a registered psychologist in Australia.

My Focus on Anxiety, Depression & Relationship Counselling

Most of the people I see as a psychologist are struggling with anxiety, depression or relationship issues. Often if you are having difficulties in one of these areas, you may also experience problems on another of these areas as well. This is because these problems are usually related, often resulting from past traumatic or painful events in your life.

My interest in counselling those with depression, anxiety and relationship problems stems from having worked with many people who have become stuck in their lives to the point of feeling extremely discouraged and even hopeless.  I have learned that regardless of how stuck and discouraged you feel, there is always a way to overcome your problems. However, sometimes it’s difficult to do that without the help of a skilled counsellor or psychologist.

Counselling / Psychology Experience

My counselling work has been largely in private practice, I established M-PACT in 2002.  For a couple of years I also consulted at an organisation for young people at risk of homelessness and for about 5 years I have been doing employee assistance work and critical incident debriefing on a contractual basis.

My Counsellor and Psychologist Credentials and Professional Memberships

  • BA (Hons), Australian National University; Literature
  • MA, University of Cologne;  Literature
  • Postgradd.Dip.appl.Psych, Monash University; Melbourne, Australia
  • M-Psych (Counselling), Monash University;
  • M-Crim (Forensic Psychology), University of Melbourne
  • Australian Psychological Society, Member of College of Counselling Psychologists

Why Choose Me as Your Psychologist?

As a psychologist, I bring a sound and varied academic background as well as extensive personal and professional experience to help you in achieving what you want in your life.

The research on therapy and counselling has shown that the therapeutic relationship is key to healing. As a counsellor, I provide a unique balance of intellectual and analytical understanding with a deep capacity for empathy.

As a result of growing up in Switzerland and studying in Germany, I also am able to do therapy in German. 

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my adult children, reading and taking my two dogs on daily walks to the park and beach.

If you are looking for help in overcoming depression, anxiety of relationship challenges, please call me on 1300784184 or mail to

Together, we can work to get your life on the road to greater fulfillment and happiness.

Catherine Lally is a psychologist, marriage therapist and couples counsellor who helps people overcome a variety of emotional and psychological problems. She serves clients from Melbourne Victoria, Australia.