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Sexual Problems

Are sexual problems causing your
relationship to head downhill?
Couples counselling helps!

Catherine Lally

Are sexual problems causing your relationship to head downhill?

Sex therapy can provide a solution to strengthen the bond with your partner and improve happiness.

Find out how couples counselling and sex therapy can help…

If you and your partner are experiencing sexual difficulties, you are certainly not the only couple to seek sex therapy for such struggles…

If not solved, sexual problems can drive a wedge between the two of you and lead to resentment, anger, frustration, and feelings of rejection. Communication problems develop and you might feel so far apart you don’t know how to find your way back to one another.

Struggles that bring people to couples counselling

Sex often starts out good in relationships, but after a while it can become strained. Sometimes it can come to a complete standstill as things get worse over time.

Libido problems

It’s common for couples to have varying levels of desire for sex. This can leave you feeling pressured if you are the one wanting less sexual activity or feeling frustrated and rejected if you want more.

Difficulty obtaining an orgasm

Both men and woman can have difficulties achieving an orgasm that can leave both partners feeling inadequate, frustrated and unfulfilled.

Erectile dysfunction

The most common erectile problems for men are getting or maintaining an erection and premature ejaculation. These problems can obviously cause dissatisfaction in your relationship and often leave men feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

Compulsive sexual behaviours

If you or your partner has an obsessive need for sexual stimulation or inappropriate or harmful sexual activity, you may suffer from a sexual addiction. This can show up as a pornography or cybersex obsession or perhaps repeated infidelity. These behaviours can obviously destroy relationships if marriage counselling isn’t sought.

Past sexual trauma

While any of the above sexual problems can be the result of traumatic experiences in one’s past, there are often other problems that impact on your sexual satisfaction due to sexual trauma. These can include unpleasant flashbacks during sex, not wanting to have sex, dissociating during sex, etc.

Good, Healthy Sex is Always Possible

If you experience any of the sexual difficulties above, couples therapy or individual counselling can help.

Through counselling, you can solve your sexual issues and get the intimacy back in your relationship. You can grow closer to one another and feel more like a couple again.

Here’s how therapy for sexual problems can help:
  • Feel more comfortable with sex and your sexuality.
  • Sex will become more enjoyable with your partner.
  • Achieve better erections and orgasms.
  • Come to a better understanding of each other’s sexual desires and needs.
  • Become free of sexual compulsions and addictions (e.g. cybersex and pornography obsessions) that are harming your relationship.
  • Experience a deeper and more satisfying connection with your partner sexually and on all other levels.

Make Sex Fun, Pleasurable and Satisfying

Expert couples counselling, is available right now. As a psychologist, I’ve helped couples solve sexual and many other problems over many years. I provide compassionate therapy where you can feel comfortable exploring even your most private thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t matter what your issues are—you can be assured that I’ve heard them all before. I offer a safe, non-judgemental therapy to help you resolve your sexual troubles.

There is no need to continue to suffer.

Imagine what it will feel like when you and your partner feel good about your sex life and your relationship again.

If you want to deepen your relationship with your partner, contact me now for couples therapy, I am located in Melbourne CBD.

If you would like to discuss therapy or outcome-focused counselling for stress, depression, trauma, relationship problems or anxiety, please feel free to contact me on 1300 784 184 or you can reach me via email at

Catherine Lally is a psychologist, marriage therapist and couples counsellor who helps people overcome a variety of emotional and psychological problems. She serves clients from Melbourne Victoria, Australia.